Sunday, January 23, 2011


Time for a new blog post! It's been a while!

Today is Sunday and I intend to fill it with many productive activities! I went to church yesterday and this morning I got up ready to go! I have my list in hand and have already knocked out a few of my items! :) Feels great to be productive.

A couple of items on my list...

  • Gather recipes for the week
  • Edit photos from Coors Brewery tour
  • Work on a wedding questionnaire
  • Research which flash I plan to buy- and how to use it!

I'm shooting a wedding in October (so excited!!) and I have decided that it's time I purchase a flash. I've done mostly daylight shoots so far and haven't really had much need for a flash. I'm looking at the Canon Speedlite 430EX II.

Canon Speedlite 430EX II
I'd love to get the 580EX II but realistically at this point I don't need it. The 580 has the ability to be the "master" and control other flashes and the 430 only has "slave" capability, but I am not ready to get into that yet.


I'm also working on creating a questionnaire to give to the bride and groom that will help me shoot their wedding better. I will ask them questions such as-
  • Describe the order of your ceremony, from getting ready to exiting the reception.
  • What is the name of the officiant and may I contact him/her to obtain rules for the church/building/area in which your wedding will be held?
  • How many are in your bridal party?
  • What formal photos are most important to you?
  • Is there a coordinator or "second in command" person I can communicate with on the big day so as to not interrupt you from enjoying your ceremony and reception?
Then there's always the less exciting, everyday routine things such as brushing/flossing, taking the dog outside, and making some lunch! lol Yeah, I know not everyone talks about that kind of stuff on their blog, but what can I say? Good oral hygiene is super important! ;)

And because it just feels wrong to end this post without a photo...I leave you with Maverick! 

He belongs to my (used to be) neighbor, Becca. He and my dog were the best of pals, and at times, Carter still looks for Maverick when we come back up the stairs from going outside. ::sigh::

But enough sappy, sadness!! Have a great Sunday, all!


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