Meet Tiffanie

My name is Tiffanie and I currently live in Westminster, CO with my dog Carter. I would love to meet you and your family! I strive to create beautiful photographs that my clients will always cherish.

I am also a dental assistant for Dr. John Montoya in Boulder, CO. (fabulous dentist by the way!)

Some of my personal interests include, but are definitely not limited to:
.My family
.Great coffee (especially Nicaraguan coffee!)
.Great conversations over coffee (or during a great walk!)
.Magic hour (when the lighting is just perfect for photography)
.Mountains (in all their splendor!)
.Dogs (especially my own!)
.Babies (I don't have my own yet!) 

I'd love to talk to you about a photography session. If you're interested in knowing more about location and pricing, please send me an email or call!
Visit my website for more information at:

You can reach me at:
Tiffanie McGregor