Friday, April 15, 2011

Brett and Julie- Happy Together

Happy Friday to everyone!! I'm excited for this day, as I've been antsy to get these photos uploaded and blogged!

Several weeks ago, Brett, Julie and I went to McIntosh Lake in Longmont to take their engagement photos. Right after this, Julie left for Uganda with some friends! You can read about their journey, here. She asked me to hold off on posting the photos, so here they are, just a little bit later! :)

We went to McIntosh lake first. This is where Brett and Julie had their first date! They walked around the lake and according to Julie, Brett talked the whole time! They said that this is his way when he gets nervous. Today he must have been feeling much more comfortable, because he did less talking and a lot of lovingly admiring his soon-to-be bride. :)

After McIntosh Lake, they changed clothes and we headed over to Garden Acres Park, where Brett and Julie first met! They were both playing in a kickball game with their small group and it's been history since! (Once Brett wished Julie a "Happy Birthday" on her facebook!) Of course, we needed to incorporate the kickball into some photos since it was so instrumental in bringing them together! ;)

I love the way Julie's hair is blowing in the wind here, and how they are looking at one another. They were so cute, teasing one another the whole time, but with all their love for one another shining through. (I also love Julie's purple!!)

And a very sweet token, Julie's ring- which belonged to Brett's mother and is a reminder of her love and presence in Brett's life and now in Julie's even though she is only with us in spirit. I know Julie is honored to be wearing it, and will cherish it forever- just as she will cherish her husband and he will cherish her.

Thanks, Brett and Julie- for a wonderful afternoon full of smiles and laughter, and getting to know your story a little bit better. I am thoroughly looking forward to your wedding in July!

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