Thursday, April 7, 2011

Julie and Brett- Engagement Teaser (and my flash!)

Hello friends!

So I ordered the flash I had talked about previously! I ordered it with plenty of time before the move to our new apartment and got a forward on all my mail and did everything in advance---but unfortunately the dear United States Postal Service failed me on this one.

My flash shipped out and was attempted to be delivered but we weren't home at the time and for some reason the postal service had placed a "vacant" tag in our mailbox, even though our forward was not set to be activated for another 3 days. They shipped my flash back to Adorama after it went to several different places here in the Denver area. I called several times trying to track it down and have it stopped but alas, my efforts were in vain. I received notification today that Adorama was issuing a credit to my account for the flash- so it looks like I'll be ordering another one! (At least I have not been in dire need of it with everything else going on!) I would have really liked to have had it by now, but I guess I will wait!

In other of the lovely brides I am working with has been in UGANDA recently!!! We did Julie and Brett's engagement shoot prior to her trip but she requested I wait until she returned to post photos. (Of course, Julie!!) So, now that she is back in the US and planning away again for their July wedding, I will leave you with a teaser, and promise to post some more this weekend!!

Happy coming back home to you, Julie! I'm so glad you got to go and love on the beautiful Ugandan children and their families, teachers, pastors, and communities, but we're also so glad to have your smiling face back in our presence!

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