Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Hello All!!!

It's been a busy and exciting weekend for me! Our friend Brian has been in town all week helping Sid shoot some video footage for a few projects that PostMay has going, and I got to spend three of the three weekend days I had doing photography related things! How fun!

Friday, I am excited to announce---I booked a second wedding! In July, I will be sharing in Brett and Julie's special day, and helping to preserve some of the special moments for them FOREVER! We are going to do an engagement shoot on Saturday, and I'm super excited!

Saturday night, I was lucky to be asked by Jared of Jared Wilson Photography to assist him in shooting an Engagement Party at Mile High Station in Denver. That was definitely fun, and I do adore that building!! I helped Jared shoot a wedding there last July.

Then on Sunday, I was blessed to be able to spend the ENTIRE DAY with family, shooting my nephews' soccer tournaments. Sid's mom and her hubby were even in town, so we got EXTRA family in the deal! Even better. :)

Look for photo posts coming soon!

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