Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frye Family-Portraits

Last year I shot some portraits for a dear friend and her husband. They have twin boys, and they are just cute as can be!

Well, somehow in our move and my transition to an external hard drive I managed to lose all the edits I did for her. I have been wanting to post the session, but didn't have the heart to re-edit all those photos.

Well, last night, another dear friend reminded me of the super-awesome-ness of the Bamboo tablet that I have! I completely forgot about it! I never even use it! I did the tutorial when we bought it and then gave it to the hubby and he uses it occasionally, but mostly it sits on the shelf! NO MORE!!

I got a new burst of editing energy last night, armed with my tablet. lol. So, I chose some photos (less this time!) and began editing away. Now, I can finally post my faves from their session....a year ago! lol.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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